Service Offering

Integration and handling of digital assets for financial organizations integrates digital assets along all dimensions of the entire enterprise value chain

Digital asset strategy

Conception and technical implementation of a digital asset strategy, e.g., portfolio modeling, corporate treasury.

Vendor analysis

Assessment of weaknesses and strengths of prospective and current providers, e.g., exchanges, custodians, infrastructure providers.

Integration of digital assets

Full integration of digital assets into the existing IT architecture and value chain.

Investment data management

Provision of consolidated reporting and portfolio management.

API management

API management and interconnectivity to relevant crypto market intermediaries, e.g., exchanges, custodians.

Regulatory implications

Assessment of regulatory implications (KYC/AML, tax reporting, MiCa).

Strategic assessment of blockchain deployment opportunities for financial organizations provides holistic consulting on application potentials in the financial sector

Market opportunity analysis

Analysis of DLT-related business opportunities (e.g., use case analysis, process efficiency analysis).
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Project execution

Technical and economic execution of blockchain-based PoCs and pilots.
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Payments & identities

Market analysis and implementation of digital payments and identities.
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Digital asset strategy

The effects of the integration of digital assets are far-reaching and must be considered holistically in advance

Business strategy and governance

  • Rationale for investing
  • Risk-reward of digital assets vs. cash equivalents
  • Accounting treatment, impact on corporate earnings

Risk management

  • Authorized personnel for conducting transactions
  • Vendor (e.g., custodian, exchange) management and standards
  • Management approval thresholds for transactions

Disclosure matters

  • Financial statement impacts
  • Accounting policies (e.g., determination of fair value)
  • Analysis of impact on digital asset valuation on quarterly results

Execution of digital asset investments

  • Establishing custody and storage solutions
  • Determination of storage type and allocation between methods
  • Establishment of digital asset trading infrastructure

Vendor analysis

Relevant considerations for digital asset custody provides holistic guidance on digital asset custodial services agreements

Integration of digital assets executes the integration of digital assets in compliance with internal IT and governance structures 

1. Onboarding

Exchange integration, KYC, account creation, private key security mechanisms

2. Services

Order management, booking system, governance processes, account services

3. Security

Crypto custody, disaster key recovery, cyber security, transaction execution thresholds

4. Reporting

Regulatory compliance, accounting, tax

API management implements digital assets into existing IT infrastructures 

Enterprise blockchains

Integration of enterprise blockchain solutions, e.g., R3 Corda and Hyperledger Fabric

Crypto assets

Integration of relevant blockchain protocols, e.g., Bitcoin and Ethereum


Integration of infrastructure provider, e.g., IBM blockchain platform and Blockdaemon

Exchange & trading

Integration of exchanges and trading platforms for crypto assets, e.g., Bitstamp and Coinbase

Digital identity

Integration of digital identity providers, e.g., IDunion and Lissi


Integration of highly-secure wallet solutions for digital assets, e.g., Fireblocks and Curv

Market opportunity analysis uncovers sustainable competitive advantages by determining the appropriate application of blockchain technology’s market opportunity analysis is designed to… financial organizations to uncover potential for improvement along the value chain
...determine what risks may arise from the technology
...create long-term competitive advantage